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  • kenseAtolinuxmemes@lemmy.worldand they kissed afterwards
    4 months ago

    Currently running Fedora on my ThinkPad T14 Gen 1, but the trackpad is hit or miss. It will either work splendid, or Tap-to-Click and scrolling are working 40% of the time…

    I really like Fedora, but might just return to Ubuntu, as I had no issues with the trackpad there.

  • Not how I view the world, but how I view USA and “citizens of the free world”.

    In 2016 my girlfriend and I visited New York - for me, first time visiting USA. I had a co-worker who lived in USA for most of her childhood, so I asked her if she had some advice for me to get along with people I met on my way.

    “Never underestimate the stupidity of Americans”.

    I thought that to be rude as I had “talked” with many Americans on Reddit and sure, there were idiots, but that didn’t define a person from USA for me.

    We arrived in New York and took a cab to the hotel. The driver asked us “So, is Donald Trump making headlines in Europe?” (This was during the 2016 election).

    I laughed and told him “Yeah, can you believe people will vote on such a moron”…

    Oh no I didn’t… He was furious, as Donald Trump was the Saviour of USA and he was singlehandedly going to “clean up the swamp” or whatever his catchphrase was… and then he said one of the stupidest things I have ever heard.

    “90% of Muslims are terrorists and if you don’t kill them, they will kill you”…

    I know not all Americans are this dumb, but I learned my lesson… Never underestimate the stupidity of Americans.

  • Søn har udgivet sangene Mrs. President og Sort Ferrari som - indtil videre - er mine yndlings 2023 sange. Lidt langt fra hip hop, men du spurgte selv…

    Ukendt Kunstner har jo også udgivet Dansktop i 2023, men udover Fastelavn er der ingen sange fra det album der har klistret sig fast på mine rotationer

  • I hear what you are saying, but I’m from Denmark… these types of law suggestions usually come when there’s a focus on something, not when there’s a fear of something.

    The government proved during the Mohammad-drawings that they will not bend over when they are outnumbered, so I’m not too concerned that these new laws are based on fear, rather than common sense… if suddenly the Middle East should focus on circumcision of girls is not allowed in Denmark, I don’t think that would be something we suddenly would allow (and here’s to me hoping that we’ll soon save all the boy penises out there!)

  • Danish chiming in, and while I can’t speak for all my countrymen we discussed the topic at work yesterday.

    Everyone I talked to had the same mixed feelings.

    No, we shouldn’t cater to the religious groups who wants to limit free speech because they get offended over someone burning their copy of a religious book.

    No, anyone shouldn’t burn religious books in public to incite hate and publicly display their (stupid ass) racism.

    A quote from a Danish rapper, made some years ago, is currently trending

    If we want to show people of the Middle East how great “freedom of expression” is, maybe we shouldn’t use it to mock people who don’t have it.

    So, conclusion is we are torn…
    Common conclusion was that everyone should be allowed to burn anything that is legal to burn on their own property. When you take that action into the public, it’s okay that it’s regulated…

    If it’s okay that that regulation only applies to religious books… don’t know.